Foam Tape Coating Machine

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We are pleased to introduce that, we are one of the leading manufacturers of Foam Tape Coating Machine, BOPP Coating Machine ,PVC Coating Machine, BOPP Tape Coating Machine andWax Coating Machine etc. 

Mohindra Mechanical Works is Asia largest manufacturers a,nd exporters of Printing and Packaging Machine.


Working Speed

140 M/min to 250 m/min

Max. Web width

600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 /1400/1600mm

Unwind Roll Dia

600 / 800/1000 approx mm

Rewind Roll Dia

600 / 800 /1000 approx mm

Drying Section

Multi-zone arch type

Heat Source

Electrical / Hot Air

Coating Section

Gravure / Reverse Roll

Laminating Section

Chilling / Heating Roller with Pneumatic Nip Roll


Variable Speed: DC/AC

Unwind / Rewind

Simplex / Duplex